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AAIEI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE is organizing the world’s largest Online Certified “INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION” for Students/Research Scholars/Professors/All 15+Age This is a great International Opportunity, I truly believe that you should get register here. It will definitely add stars to your career. It helps to develop speech on leadership qualities in the New World.  GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR GREAT PEOPLE.


Antonia Lorenzo Lopez

R&D Director & CEO at BIOAZUL

Malaga, Spain

Sam Salim

President OPU Education Wing, Study Global Advisor

England, United Kingdom

Dr. Syed Ali Nawaz Zaidi

Associate Professor, 

Department of Law

Deputy Proctor

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, INDIA

Dr. Mary Tahir

Professor & HOD

Department of Geography

Jamia Millia Islamia

New Delhi, INDIA


Prof.  Raj Kumar Singh

Dean (R&D) & HOD (Department of Commerce)

Chairperson Centre For Entrepreneurship,

Innovation & Skill Development School of Management Sciences

Varanasi, India


Dr. Rashid Aziz Faridi


Department of Geography, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, INDIA

Dr. Ahmed Elngar

Assistant Professor 

Founder and Chair of the Scientific Innovation Research Group (SIRG)

Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence – Beni Suef University, Egypt

Siddharth Shankar Pradhan

Assistant Professor & HOD

Student’s Affair

Rourkela Insititute of Management Studies, Rourkela Odisha, INDIA

Dr. P.S. Sreedevi

Assistant Professor

Department of Education, The Ghandhigram Rural Institute- Tamilnadu, INDIA

About Public Speaking and Speech on Leadership Qualities

Public speaking is a great way to create personal growth on many levels, as in almost every aspect of life,  speech on leadership qualities. Public speaking will help you achieve your goal, whether your goal is to participate in political discourse, build a career as a motivational speaker or gain confidence in front of an audience.

1. Advancing professions

For career development, good public speaking skills can benefit, as they display imagination, critical thinking skills, leadership skills, poise, and professionalism, attributes that are very important to the job market. A good way of building a reputation is to talk at events and conferences. The more the event is known since you can apply these speaking accomplishments to your curriculum vitae.People will recognise you after speaking at a few events and begin to see you as an authoritative figure in your field of expertise. You’re going to find yourself having new clients and company from the people who were watching you talk. All kinds of new opportunities for business and speaking will open up for you.

2. Boosting confidence

SPEECH ON LEADERSHIP QUALITITES  will improve your confidence significantly. It is inspiring to conquer the doubts and insecurities that surround public speaking. In addition, it can be a strong reminder to communicate with viewers that you have valuable experiences and perspectives to share with the world.
As you go from speaking to small groups of people to large audiences, your levels of trust will rise.

3. Critical Thinking

Public speaking is an exceptional way to improve critical thinking abilities. It takes a great deal of careful thinking to compose a speech, from the audience review to the closing sentence. You will need to find out how to adapt the message to suit the audience’s needs. It’s not enough to provide a message.

4. Personal Growth
Communication skills are critical for personal and professional success and one of the greatest benefits of public speaking is to develop this area. The planning of a speech forces speakers to take a step back and objectively think about successful ways of communicating. It’s easy to fall back on contact patterns we developed many years ago in daily life.

5. Enhancement of communication skills

When you write a speech, in order to express your message to the audience, you must carefully think about the best framework, persuasive technique, and diction. In other aspects of your life, this style of mindset will help you develop your communication skills.

6. Make new social ties

Commitments to public speaking are excellent opportunities to meet other people who share your interests. You’ll find that after your presentation, people approach you to engage in conversation. It makes it much simpler for new social connections to be made.  After your message, continue to mix with the audience for as long as you can, answering questions and finding new insights on your topic.

7. Personal contentment

A very popular phobia is public speaking, right up there with spiders and heights. Instead of getting up and talking in front of a crowd of people, many people tend to do almost something. It can feel daunting and dangerous to give a speech.

8. Expand the network of professionals
Another advantage of public speaking is that you can suddenly realize that everybody wants to talk with you when you speak at a function. This is a valuable chance to make friends, create business connections and generate business.

9. Learn to convince
As a catalyst for peaceful advocacy and progressive reform, public speaking has a long tradition. It is a strong way to unite people and inspire them to take action for a common cause. It’s no secret that individuals have used the power of public speaking to make a difference throughout history.

 10. Develop skills for leadership
If in the past you let others speak for you or found it difficult to convey what you needed to say, it will fade. You may not only be able to speak your mind fluently, but you’ll also find yourself doing it for others.

11. Learn skills for success
You’ll be aware of the pacing, when to pause and for how long. You can know about vocal variety, how to switch by volume, speech rate, and tone changes. It’ll be easier with your articulation. You will learn about mime, using props, and storytelling as you become more confident. Your voice is enhanced by all these acting abilities.

12. Build your fluency and vocabulary
You will know the impact of the terms you use to convey your message and you will also know that for different audiences they need to be different. In addition to having a versatile vocabulary, you can no longer use common filler words that we hear in regular conversations that suggest that the speaker might be unaware of what they are saying or reluctant to talk. 

13. No fear of impromptu discourse
Your heart will not pound when called upon to say a few words at a moment’s notice at a wedding, awards ceremony or other special occasion. Instead, you will find yourself welcoming the chance for an impromptu speech graciously. This is a big advantage of public speech on leadership qualities and you can avoid constantly thinking about being invited to speak at formal events.

14. Learn about arguing
You often need to bring out a well thought out case as you present it. You will learn a lot about the art of argument in rehearsal, in practice and on the real stage, especially if you get to engage with your audience in some sort of question and answer.

15. Helps push shift for you
Who else are we listening to, someone talking to us in person or emailing us? The person speaking will always be more persuasive than a note sent over the internet. If that’s your comfort zone, you might spend your time moving from person to person.

It is a great opportunity to make your dream come true.

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