Contestants for Miss Grand International 2020 tie the knot. This is what occurred

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico, who represented their countries at Miss Grand International in 2020, have had a unison of hearts. After keeping their relationship private for a long time, they have finally made it public through an Instagram post on Monday.

Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin met at the Miss Grand International (MGI) competition in 2020.
Fabiana stated on Instagram, “After keeping their romance quiet, they are opening the doors to the public on their big day.”

He also shared a video of their engagement and wedding rituals with the public.
On the social networking site, the news was welcomed with joy. The post has garnered 127,000 likes and 5,800 comments in three days. People congratulated the couple on their marriage and expressed delight that they met on MGI.

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