Let’s Collaborate to bring a New Worldwide Change


I take immense pleasure to announce that we are collaborating with a plethora of highly reputed National / International Universities/ Colleges/Institutions and invited HOD/ Associate Professor/ Professor/ Assistant Professors as an Honorary Speaker, Presenter, Moderators, chairing the conference sessions, Journal Editors, Workshops and many other programmes in Social Science & Humanities, Applied Science, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Remote Sensing and Geo-Web Technology, and Multidisciplinary Sciences. We are also available for the same.

Let’s change the world with new research ideas and explorations

MET Institute of International Studies | International Colleges in India

Feel free to contact

Dr. Naima Umar

Director @ ERTHWO International Organisation

Founder of AAIEI International Education Institute

email: erthwoorganisation@gmail.com


WhatsApp: +919548314372

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