NCERT Class 6 History Solutions Chapter 1 What, Where, How and When?

Let’s Recall

1. Match the following:


Narmada Valley The first big kingdom
Magadha Hunting and gathering
Garo Hills Cities about 2500 years ago
Indus and its tributaries Early agriculture
Ganga valley The first cities


Narmada Valley Hunting and gathering
Magadha The first big kingdom
Garo Hills Early agriculture
Indus and its tributaries The first cities
Ganga valley Cities about 2500 years ago

2. List one major difference between manuscripts and inscriptions.

Manuscripts — These were written by hand, either on palm leaves or the carefully prepared bark of a Himalayan tree known as the Birch.

Inscriptions – Writings engraved on relatively hard surfaces such as stone or metal are known as inscriptions.

3. Return to Rasheeda’s question. Can you think of some answers to it?
Answer: One can know what had happened so many years ago through these ways:

One can think of 4 different ways

  1. Inscriptions
  2. Manuscripts
  3. Tools and weapons
  4. Reading the books written in the past.

4. Make a list of all objects that archaeologists may find. Which of these could be made of stone?


Archaeologists’ discoveries might fall into one of nine categories.

1. Stone and brick constructions

2. Paintings

3. Sculpture

4. Tools

5. Weapons

6. Pots

7. Pans

8. Ornaments

9. Coins

The following are examples of items that could be made with stones.

1. Buildings

2. Tools

3. Weapons

4. Ornaments

5. Why do you think ordinary men and women did not generally keep records of what they did?


Keeping records was not simple in the past, unlike it is now. Kings kept records to recount their successes in battles. Those records were kept by inscribing on stones, which was a difficult undertaking for regular men and women to do.

6. Describe at least 2 ways in which you think the lives of kings would have been different from those of farmers.


1. While kings held unlimited control over all of their people, regardless of their occupation, farmers did not.

2. Kings were housed in palaces. Farmers did not have access to such chances.

3. The King was in charge of defending his country by fighting wars, while the farmers were in charge of growing crops.

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