UGC NET Study Strategy 2022/ Complete Preparation Strategy

UGC NET Exam Plan Strategy 2022/ Complete Preparation Strategy

UGC NET is widely considered one of the most difficult examinations and needs thorough training. To do well on the UGC NET review, candidates can opt for a long-term training approach. Since the UGC considers only the top 6% of applicants qualifying for Lectureship or Junior Research Fellow (JRF) positions, it is necessary to obtain a higher score in both Paper I and Paper II of the test. Each aspirant must manage their time effectively and offer equal weight to Paper I and II. Paper I of the UGC NET is universal, while Paper II is subject-specific. One can choose a topic that is related to his or her Master’s degree.

As UGC NET is administered twice a year by the National Testing Agency (NTA), candidates who do not pass the first session of UGC NET will apply for the second session. However, with sufficient planning, one may pass UGC NET on the first attempt. UGC NET Exam Plan Strategy 2022

Understand concepts
To begin, a person must comprehend the examination’s format. The UGC-NET review is divided into two sections: Paper-1 and Paper-2. Although Paper-1 covers broad subjects such as Teaching Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Politics and Constitution, and the Environment, among others. This specific paper is considered to be simpler to crack, and a person should aim for a high grade. UGC NET Exam Plan Strategy 2022

On the other side, Paper-2’s syllabus is entirely dependent on the graduation and post-graduation stages. At the very least, three months of diligent training is needed to pass this test.

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Make a collection of important topics
An applicant can ideally study for the UGC-NET examination using reference books, mock exams, and practise documents. In essence, a UGC-NET aspirant must also build a collection of critical topics and practise critical questions from those topics. This would aid them in studying for the exam more quickly. UGC NET Exam Plan Strategy 2022

Create a plan
As a research technique, an aspirant may categorise subjects as high, medium, or poor. This way, an applicant may steer their training by beginning with the strong subjects, progressing to the mild ones, and finally touching on the poor subjects. The rationale for this strategy is that, since the UGC-NET exam has no sectional or subject-specific cutoffs, candidates can rely exclusively on optimising their scores.

Divide topics into extreme, moderate, and low categories
Following that, the issue of categorizing subjects as solid, medium, or poor emerges. A straightforward strategy to use is to attempt 23 mock assessments prior to beginning the real training. Then, an applicant may create a collection of issues classified as high, medium, or weak.

In the case of subjects such as psychology, which need specialization, the UGC-NET test consists of a single document, and candidates can be asked questions from several subjects. As a result, planning can be approached holistically, rather than through the lens of a certain field of specialization in Psychology. UGC NET Exam Plan Strategy 2022

The first paper assesses General Aptitude, in which candidates are asked research-related questions. An applicant must have a firm grip on topics of General Knowledge, their own subject, and study since certain questions would need interpretation.

A strategy for writing a subject-specific essay
In the case of a topic-specific thesis, the aspirant must possess extensive knowledge of the subject at the graduate stage. In this instance, the questions are analytical in nature. On the other hand, for assumption-based queries, which are unquestionably comprehensive, an applicant must develop a rapid and accurate reading capacity. UGC NET Exam Plan Strategy 2022

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