Extended date of AAIEI International Public Speaking Competition: 13th to 15th June 2021

AAIEI International Institute is providing more than 7000 people online life transforming programs that will not only help you to achieve your target but it will also help you to find out what actually you have special skill or purpose of you to be on this planet Earth . Public speaking skill is nowadays a billion dollar industry. It can place you at the top of your professional platform. Therefore, every person should frequently participate in these types of competitions, workshops, seminars and conferences in order to justify your academic qualification, professional capabilities. You have to give a 4 -5 minutes presentation related to your interest but make sure it must not be political. Due to engagement of students, teachers, professor, and all faculty members in examination they had  requested to postpone the International Public Speaking Competition from April to June because April month is the peak time of exams for both students and educators altogether. We are taking immense pleasure to tell you that this amazing International Public Speaking Competition is now going to be held  from June 13th  to 15th,  2021. We provide an ISO participation certificate to each performer. First performer will get gold medal, second performer will get silver medal and third performer will get bronze medal respectively. 

We will look forward you in AAIEI International Public Speaking Competition, 13th to 15th June, 2021 

Extended date of Competition: 13th to 15th June 2021

Categories                   Registration Deadline           Registration Fees

Indian Delegates           05.06.2021                           INR 500

Foreign Delegates         05.06.2021                           $ 20

Get register here: https://aaieiinternational.com/?page_id=31
Website link: https://aaieiinternational.com/

Dr. Naima Umar

Founder – AAIEI International Education Institute

Email: aaieiinternational@gmail.com

Contact: (+91) 9548314372

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