UPSC CSE IAS Geography Prelims+Mains Notes

Geomorphology1.       Solar System & Planets
2.       STARS, Sun & Planets
3.       Structure of the Sun
4.       Latitudes, Longitudes and Time
5.       Motions Of The Earth: Rotation And Revolution
6.       Major Domains Of The Earth: Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere
7.       Interior Of The Earth: Core, Mantle And Crust
8.       Earthquake Causes And Effects
9.       Seismic Waves And Earth’s Interior: P Waves, S Waves, L Waves
10.   Classification Of Rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic
11.   Continental Drift Theory (Alfred Wegener)
12.   Seafloor Spreading Theory (H. Harry Hess)
13.   Plate Tectonics Theory (W.J Morgan)
14.   Geomorphic Processes: Endogenic And Exogenic
15.   Endogenic Forces: Epeirogenic And Orogenic
16.   Exogenic Forces: Denudation & Weathering
17.   Tsunami And Its Causes & Tsunami Warning Systems
18.   Landforms: Types of Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains
19.   Volcanism And Volcanic Landforms
20.   Landforms Of The Earth (Fluvial, Aeolian, Glacial, Wave, Karst)
21.   Lakes & Types of Lakes
22.   Important Lakes of India
23.   Major Plateaus of the World
Indian Geography
Economic Geography
World Geography
Indian Geography Mapping

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